(The thought towards Kyo-obataya)

I was born and grew up in Kyoto.  And I changed some my rooms to guesthouse.
While watching the lives of the Kyoto people, go out sightseeing, relax with zone out ,

eat something delicious … I would like you to enjoy the time and living in Kyoto.
And it is my wish that you will like Kyoto.


In 1984, my great-grandfather Takejiro Obata, my great-grandmother Misa opened rice shop in Inokuma-Oike in Kyoto.
But they’ve moved to this place “Nishijin”  because of the road expansion.

Since then they’ve been selling rice as Obata-rice shop.

In the spring of 2018. I was able to start guesthouse as Kyo-Obataya

Kyo-Obataya that has lived and traded for a long time in Kyoto , I will provide my guests with a space where you can relax with the sprit of hospitality.



I will introduce my rooms,

Kyo-obataya’s guest room are only two rooms and are a hotel of the space where one room is large.

The bath, the restroom, the washstand are for private use.


□Western style room : name Hana (20 square meters wide)

The Kyo-Obataya’s Western-style room is nostalgic room reminding of the times or the Showa era.

The bed is antiqued.

The mantelpiece of Mable , the light of the wall in the celling , the table of soundless and stealthy steps, a mini-sofa , the vase , the dool are all nostalgic.

□Japanese room: name Ao (26 square meters wide)

The Kyo-Obataya’s Japanese room is traditional with alcove.

This room has two rooms.  One is 6 tatami mats , another is around 4 tatami wide. This drawing room has a window in the south,side, bright sunlight insert in the room.
The old antiques furniture and dools are decorated as interior decorations.

This room’s bath has big bath-tab so as to be able to stretch out a foot.

□toiletries      : toothbrush, hand-towel, bath-towel .…getting ready

□bedding article : please bring your pajamas

□no television

□no smoking

□Wifi          : available in each room


□accommodation fee

The Japanese room , the Western room is the same price.


10,900 yen (include accommodation tax) for two guests

※vary from season to season

※one or three guests need to consult


(equipments & hospitality)


□Public(free)     :  refrigerator , microwave, toaster, electronic pot

(not free)   :  washing machine ( 1cycle 300yen)


□Free drink         :  Japanese tea, English tea, coffee,

□Simple breakfast   :  bread & free drink

□Piano             :  please play piano as you like.

□Macha service

□Rental bicycle      :  1day 500yen

□Massage          :  40min 2000yen    ( every Wednesday is holiday)


(Vacancy situation/ reservation)

Please look at the calendar

Vacant  〇

Full    ×



Please complete the following items and send them by e-mail me

“ You can’t make a reservation just by sending an email.”


<flow to the conclusion of a reservation>

  1. Please send me an email using your reservation form
  2. I will check the reservation contents and send you a reservarion completion email.
  3. Please check the contests of the tentative reservation and reply within 48 hours.
  4. Reservation completed


Kyo-obataya mail address



《reservation form》

  • Name
  • Check in date/ check out date
  • Number of nights
  • Numbrr of people (mail 〇people、famaile 〇people)
  • Room of choice
  • Telephone number
  • Address


《cancellation fee》

*Free up to 6 days before the date of stay

*After 5 days prior to the date of stay : 50% of the accommodation fee



By bus

There is bus terminal in front JR KYOTO STATION from the tarminal’s area A3 and pick us bus NO.206 you can get your bus stop SENBON MARUTAMACHI

After about 30 minutes (charge \230.-)


By train

From JR KYOTO STATION platform NO.32, 33, 34 SAGANO LINE take a local train, about 7 minutes NIJHO SUTATION. and walk about 15 minutes.



There is coin parking at a distance about 30m. 8:00-20:00 is 400 yen per hour, 20:00-8:00 is 100 yen per hour, and 4 parking stalls available.